Travel Tips

When to Visit :
September to April/May is perfect months to visit Desa Sauwandarek. December and January could experience rainy days though but not as wet as in July and August.

June to August is rainy and windy season in Raja Ampat. Usually most LOB and resorts are stop operating. Central and North regions can still be accessed but with possibility of storms/strong winds and choppy sea. South part usually more difficult to access during these months.

Tips for Scuba Divers :
Current in Raja Ampat is challenging. I recommend bringing reef hook to help you in saving your air. But please ensure you know how to use a reef hook. Underwater in Raja Ampat is too pretty to be missed. If you were not a camera addict like me, at least bring a GoPro or borrow one.
You have to pay Marine Park entrance fee in Raja Ampat. The price for non Indonesian: Rp 500,000 and for Indonesian: Rp 250,000.

You will get a tag that should be put in your BCD jacket. You may meet Sea Patrol who ask you to show the tag.


5 thoughts on “Travel Tips

  1. Nice info. Anyway seperti yang kita tau kalau cuaca di Indonesia saat ini lagi nggak menentu banget, kira-kira ini berdampak sama kunjungan wisatawan ke sana nggak sih ka? Dan itu di Marine Parknya ada apa aja ya ka? Hehe


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